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Pippa the mini english Goldendoodle

We can not recommend Kim and Colorado Doodle Bugs highly enough! From the beginning of the process to when we picked up our sweet girl, it was such a pleasure working with Kim. The communication was fantastic at all times. We were able to visit her beautiful home where all her dogs are valuable members of her family. We were able to spend time with one of the litters and saw how wonderfully they are cared for. When our girl was born, we received frequent updates and photos (I love how the pups wear bandanas so it's easy to see who is who), and now that our Pippa is home, we are absolutely head over heels in love with her! The crate training the pups get at Kim's has been invaluable and from the very first night Pippa has slept through the night and loves her crate. If you are wanting a mini Goldendoodle, look no further than Colorado Doodle Bugs. Thank you, Kim for such a wonderful experience and for the best puppy we could have ever hoped for!

Brett & Julie Whitney

Chicago view

THIS PUP IS AMAZING. I am in Chicago and getting a pup from far away can be a daunting thing - not seeing the facility, not meeting Kim in person, not seeing the pup beforehand other than video and pics, etc. Kim was so professional, kind, thoughtful, and beyond all else very communicative throughout the whole process. When you read that these pups are crate trained and think it's too good to be true - it's real guys!  haha - Kim and these pups are awesome. Penny flew in yesterday and had 2 flights - from Denver to Dallas and then an immediate flight from Dallas to Chicago (no time to go to the relief area). Not only did Penny not give any whining or fuss to my carrier, but she didn't pee in her crate carrier!  She is the most sweet, happy, healthy, and very intelligent little nugget I could ask for. Kim loves these pups and it shows! 110% recommend her!

Marcos Nichols


Kim and Colorado Doodle Bugs are a truly fantastic breeder and we feel so lucky to have found them! Our mini labradoodle, Rudy, is almost 5 months old and is a super well behaved puppy with the sweetest temperament.


We got to visit Kim’s facility before we put our deposit down, and met our puppy’s parents as well as her other dogs. She has a top-notch facility and her dogs all had great personalities. We were also very impressed with her pedigree, and she came highly recommended by our vet. 


Our puppy was already crate trained and fully sleeping through the night when we got him at 9 weeks. It’s obvious Kim cares deeply for her dogs, and we could not have asked for a more exceptional breeder. She definitely goes above and beyond what a “typical” breeder would do. We will always get our pups from Colorado Doodle Bugs from now on! 



Aleah, Kelly & Rudy King

Wanda the mini Goldendoodle

Our experience with Golden Doodlebugs has been outstanding. From the start, Kim (the breeder) has been very responsive over email and accommodating of our needs. She let us come meet some of her puppies as well as the parents of her current and future litters, and she also answered tons of questions we had before we committed to a puppy. Every interaction we had with her and her dogs convinced us we had made the right decision! Kim also does a great job of preparing the puppies for their transition to a new home. She already had the puppies used to sleeping in a crate and trained to go potty in a designated area before we picked our puppy up, which has been a HUGE help to us. It is clear she knows what she's doing! We are so happy with our Golden Doodlebug puppy and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Jake and Teresa Waters

Recently, we were fortunate enough to gain a new addition to our family, Cooper. He is a Goldendoodle F1 standard breed. Once we learned about Kim’s ability to breed this particular mix of dogs, we contacted her and scheduled an appointment to meet with her. She was extremely professional from the first conversation to the completion of the purchase process. After our initial conversation with Mrs. Brehon, she agreed to let our family go to her residence to meet the litter. Upon our arrival, we observed that her home was extremely clean and the litter appeared to be well taken care of. We were also able to meet both parents of Cooper. We have three sons, whom were also allowed to meet the litter. Mrs. Brehon was kind to our children, courteous and respectful. She allowed us to interact with the litter and appeared to be very knowledgeable about this particular breed. She was able to answer all of our questions and address any of our concerns. Our experience with Mrs. Brehon was so pleasant that we even referred friends to her. We strongly recommend her. The quality of care she provides for her animals, cleanliness of her home, flexibility, professionalism, knowledge and kindness are just some of the reason why would recommend her.

Jeff and Hawley Luedtke
Very happy dog owners

Cooper the standard goldendoodle
mini goldendoodle

Colorado Golden Doodlebugs provided us with the perfect first-time family dog. Kim responded quickly and patiently to all questions and made us feel equipped to take on this new member to the family. The entire process could not have been easier and more welcoming. Our new Golden Doodle, Lula, came to us happy and ready to learn how to be loving member of our family with three young children. Thank you Kim!

John and Lillian Henricks

mini goldendoodle

We recently got our miniature Golden Doodle and I have been pleased with Kim and her business from the start! She responded almost immediately to my inquiry about puppies and kept us up to date throughout the entire process. Sending pictures and videos of the puppies 1-3 times a week. We were able to meet our puppy as well as her parents ahead of taking her home. Kim's business is very clean and her dogs are family members that are very well cared for. Kim has been very helpful and always ready to answer questions or help even once our puppy was in our home and has helped us to work through some issues. I would definitely use her again if we decide on another dog.

Cara and Shawn O'neal

We LOVE everything about Colorado Doodle Bugs! Kim was amazing to work with, their Property is amazing. So clean and comfortable for all the dogs. We have had a Bentley for almost 2 years now, he is the most well behaved golden doodle have ever seen. I have only ever had Goldens, but would never have anything but a golden doodle from Kim!

Alicia Fry Becker

Bentley_ the standard goldendoodle
Golden Retriever

Diane Schacht I don’t have one if your puppies but I do have a Golden I got from you and she continues to amaze me daily!!!! My life wouldn’t be the same without her💕💕💕💕

Kim was wonderful and we couldn't have found a sweeter, more kind and good natured dog for our family of 5. Peaches makes us 6!

Susanna Visser

standard goldendoodle

We got our wonderful Goldendoodle almost 2 years ago and he has been the perfect addition to our family! He has gone from an adorable, well mannered puppy to a handsome, loving, loyal, obedient family member who is friends with everyone he meets. Colorado Doodle Bugs have an excellent facility on a family farm. We were able to meet both of our puppy’s parents. All of the dogs are well cared for and happy, and our puppy even seemed to come potty trained!

Leslie Miller

Chase the standard goldendoodle

This is our boy, Henry! An Aussiedoodle from Colorado Doodle Bugs. He's almost 4 months old. Kim at Colorado Doodle Bugs was wonderful to work with. I started corresponding via email when I arrived in Colorado last August. Just prior to moving, our sweet cockapoo, Cooper passed away. I was devastated. I wasn't sure I could possibly have another dog. A couple months passed and I decided I needed the companionship of another pup. My first thought was a Goldendoodle. But, while looking at the pups available, there was this little fella called, Red Boy! I had no experience with an Aussie and gave Kim a call. The time Kim took talking with me was incredible. It didn't take long for me to say,"yes!" Even more amazing was the texts back and forth while Henry was growing big enough to come home. I thought I must be driving her crazy asking for updates and pictures. I never had to wait long for a reply complete with photo and videos. When we arrived to pick up Henry, Kim was just as wonderful in person. It was easy to see that the pups were well taken care of and well socialized. And what an incredible surprise to bring home a pup completely crate trained!!! He slept 9 hours every night from the very start. In short, I would highly recommend Colorado Doodle Bugs and their great owner, Kim.

Mary Darrow


We couldn’t have been more happy with our new addition to our family, Rosco. He is the most adorable, well-behaved and amazing tempered pup. Going through Kim for a puppy was so simple and she was always available which made it easy. She really is a professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a doodle!

Corrine & Tate Richter


We just picked up our little Thenji yesterday and we are in love!! What a sweetheart!! From start to finish Kim was professional, so helpful, so thoughtful and caring. We were so impressed with her clean, organized and beautiful breeding area. (and home) It is clear Kim loves what she does and the puppies are well trained, healthy and happy. I highly recommend Colorado Doodle Bugs - you will too!! Thank you, Kim for answering all my questions, sending us pics along the way, and helping us with our first fur baby. We are so grateful!

Karen & Ron Shulte

Thenji the mini goldendoodle

We got our mini petite golden doodle, Ziggy , from Kim in January. He is a delight and full of fun, sociable, and a great traveler. Kim was excellent to work with and very helpful.

Joe & Pat Kail

Ziggy the petite mini goldendoodle
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