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Recommended Products
that we use

Collapsible Dog bowls.jpg

The lifestyle crate is much sturdier than the icrate.   Buy one with a divider.   A standard goldendoodle will fit in a 42",  a mini/medium will fit in a 36", petite fits in a 30"

These are great to have at home and dishwasher safe

These are collapsible and great for travel

These are great to have around home and machine washable

rabbit pan_edited.jpg

We use these for litter boxes

fresh news cat litter.jpg

We use this in the litter boxes

These help comfort puppy having a buddy 

We love these because they don't have any stuffing 

Petite puppies =  MINI or XS

Mini/medium puppies =  XS

Standard puppies =  SMALL

Highly recommend anything from Redbarn Products

These are great to have for any tummy upsets

Grooming Supplies 

Foods we have had success with

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PP sensitive.jpg
PP 7+.jpg
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