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Recommended Products that we use

Lifestage crate.jpg

The lifeStages crate is much sturdier than the iCrate.   Buy one with a divider.   A standard goldendoodle will fit in a 42",  a mini/medium will generally fit in a 36", petite generally fits in a 30"


This is a more budget friendly crate with double doors and a crate mat for mild mannered dogs but not as sturdy as the Lifestage crate

Stainless Anti-slip bowls
iconic bowl.jpg

These are great to have at home and dishwasher safe

Collapsible Dog bowls

These are collapsible and great for travel

litter box.jpg

We use these for litter boxes

fresh news litter

We use this in the litter boxes

snuggle puppy.jpg

These help comfort puppy having a buddy 

unstuffed squeaky toys

We love these because they don't have any stuffing 


Washable dog diapers for girls


Washable dog diapers for boys


 After Surgery, Soft Adjustable Blow up Donut Dog E-Collar


Petite puppies =  MINI or XS

Mini/medium puppies =  XS

Standard puppies =  SMALL


Harness and car seat belt


Car seat belt for your dog


These are great to have for any tummy upsets

wyze cam pan.jpg

WYZE Cam Pan v3 is a great camera

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