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Moose had a sad start to 2024.  His previous owners abandoned him on our country road to fend for himself right after the first of the year.  Of course we took him in.   He went to the shelter for a few weeks for a vet check, neuter, vaccinations and microchip with the hope that maybe he was just lost but no one came to claim him so we brought him home.   He is a wonderful boy!  He really is just an oversize puppy.  He's a shepherd mix about 60 lbs, estimated 1-2 yrs old.   He loves a good squeaky toy and he tries to play with every dog he meets but he doesn't realize how rough he gets with the small dogs so he needs a playful dog his own size to romp with.  He loves his people and he's content to sleep under your desk during the day or next to the bed at night.   He doesn't get on the furniture or jump on you.   He doesn't dig holes in the yard or chew on the furniture but he does enjoy a nice bone to chew on.  He is afraid of small children tho and he likes to eat their toys so he needs a home with older kids or no kids.  He has very good manners in the house and he's not a barker inside.   He does bark at some dogs on the other side of the fence  sometimes like any other normal dog.   I don't know how he is with cats because we don't have any house cats.   He prefers to be inside with his people but when he does go outside he does need a home with a fenced yard so he can run and play and lay on the porch.  No apartments.  He enjoys going for walks or just hanging out  with his humans. Adoption fee $200 

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