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Food for Dogs in Ukraine


I wanted to personally reach out to all the friends of Colorado Doodlebugs to let you know of a Golden Retriever breeder in Ukraine that I know needs help desperately.  Her name is Irina Simonenko and I personally have imported several beautiful Golden retrievers from her over the years to produce those beautiful Goldendoodles everyone loves. 

She is surrounded by the Russian war and has not been able to leave the country.  She is doing her best to stay safe for now amid the bombing and the sirens but she needs dog food to not only feed her own dogs but she's also trying to help other people and the dogs that were left behind when their owners fled.  

We've all seen the unimaginable horror on our televisions every day and the ongoing social media news and pictures.  I never thought in my lifetime that I would see something like this.  I can't imagine living in such a dangerous environment not only worrying about the safety of your family but the safety of your 4 legged furry family members as well and it will have a long term impact on the people and their animals. 

For children especially, their pets are an enormous source of comfort to help them cope with trauma. People are frightened and exhausted, so being able to help them care for their pets means they have one less thing to worry about at a time when they need help the most.

I can't change  anything about the world events but I know how I would feel if it happened to us and this is the only way I know to maybe send a little help along the way.  I'm hoping by getting her name out that you might be willing to help her.  She didn't ask for any donations. I personally sent her money and then offered to see what else I could do for her.  I know any donation would be greatly appreciated. 

If you would like to donate just log into your own Paypal account and then you can send money directly to her personal Paypal account

at   and please if you could share it with your friends I know it would mean so much to her. 

Any Donations made please send money as "Friends and Family" and NOT "Goods and Services" as Paypal charges a fee for any money sent as "Goods and Services".  If you don't have a Paypal account you can send a donation to me via Venmo and I'll forward it on to her.

Thank you so much for all your continuing support 

Kim Brehon
Colorado Doodlebugs